Jeremy &
Jessie Effler

Jeremy first traveled to West Africa in 2011 with a local church on a short term mission trip. He saw the great need, both spiritually and physically, and was never the same. His wife, Jessie, went with him in 2012 and they knew that the Lord was calling them to be involved in what He was doing in a small West African country. They waited until their oldest two children graduated high school in 2016. In July of 2017 they moved with their younger three children (Taylor, Samuel and Kaiya) to serve on the field full time. They are currently working alongside with Friends in Action International who partner with church planters in villages where there is limited or no access to clean water and drill water wells. With 1040 Visions, they desire to work alongside of local pastors, lay leaders and believers to plant churches. By living life everyday life with those around them, they have opportunities to disciple, teach and live out the gospel message.

Email: efflermission@gmail.com

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