Well Drilling Projects


Well Drilling

Next to bringing the Living Water to a village, drilling a well and providing clean drinkable water to a village that has none is so rewarding!

The cost of drilling a well varies based on geographical conditions and distance to the location.  One thing I can assure you every donation helps to provide a life changing difference in families lives.  Not only is drinking and using tainted water a thing in the past, but also the health of the village will be drastically improved. Its back breaking work for the women and children carrying jugs of water sometimes for miles back and forth.

Well Drilling – Change this sentence.  Drilling a hand pump well will cost between 6,000 to 10,000 USD and success is not always guaranteed. Cost of drilling a solar powered well, commonly used in Senegal is 15,000 USD.

We are raising money now for a well to be drilled in 2022!

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